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Our Services & Products

QMSI understands the demands of your daily business life. That's why our proven Consulting, Coaching, and Facilitation services can help you/your organization identify and achieve sustainable goals. By customizing and aligning our services and strategies to meet your individual and organizational needs and strategies, QSMI offers an integrated approach to understanding your mission and vision-driven goals and values. To do this, QSMI facilitates leadership development and organizational change initiatives that empower your organization to reach your sustainable strategic goals. 

Here are ways in which QMSI Services & Products can make a difference in your organization:

Innovation & Integrated Strategy Development

  • Facilitate interactive learning engagements that focus on change, innovation and leadership development for both individual leaders and leadership teams
  • Engagements include workshops, action planning tools, job aids, and performance support services
  • Equip leaders to practically apply key concepts at individual, team and organizational levels

Change Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Work closely with senior executives and leadership teams to optimize their capability to lead others within the organization
  • Support senior executives in their efforts to personally embrace desired leadership behaviors - ones that will help them achieve important organizational accountability
  • Provide comprehensive on-site Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Team Development including organizational change strategy management
  • Design a leadership plan for how to lead and sustain desired organizational change within an organization

Performance Development and Communication

  • Focus on building High Performance Leadership teams with an optimal understanding of the identified expected results from the organization
  • Outline what the organization will look like in the future and what the shared responsibility is at all levels to reach the explicit goals
  • Collaborate with executive leaders and key leaders and teams to identify the role model leadership behaviors needed to create a culture that embraces change

Identifying Winning Talent and Role Clarity

  • Help our clients attain high employee performance by identifying success traits and key actions for each position or role
  • Work with leadership teams to clarify roles and structures used to identify which tasks are aligned with the organization's vision and mission and therefore will increase productivity on key business objectives and desired results.

“Managing by Values,”© 

Ken Blanchard and Michael O'Connor's Managing by Values states: "In an organization that truly manages by its values, there is only one boss - the company's values." QSMI builds on their wisdom of value-based management and challenges organizations to transform the way they currently conduct business to managing by values. 

In working with organizations to build a leadership culture based on values, we focus on these key areas: 

  1. Clarifying mission and values
  2. Communicating mission and values
  3. Aligning daily practices with mission and values

To achieve this, we challenge all leaders within and organization to follow Blanchard and O'Connor's advice to:"put your values into action for extraordinary results." 


QSMI emphasizes an “all win” organizational approach for building a strong business culture

to sustain lasting achievement and success.