Quinn Management Services, Inc.

Connecting People and Ideas that Lead to High Performance and Growth


Quinn Management Services, Inc. (QMSI) combines Role Model Leadership and People Development strategies within organizations to identify and establish a shared commitment to a unified vision and shared values. We help organizations establish a strong foundation of principles that not only align individuals and their organizations, but also foster stability, agility and growth.

 Who We Are: Mission

Helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. 

By "Connecting People and Ideas that lead to High Performance and Growth", we enhance the value of all relationships to achieve excellence and mutual prosperity. At QMSI we are dedicated to bringing the most relevant current leadership, change management, strategy development, and performance management thinking into useable and practical business applications for high-performance, growth, and value-driven organizational change. 

Why Us: Vision

In achieving our mission, we will be recognized for our ability to create exceptional work environments where people thrive and grow. 

At QSMI we value people and invest in relationships to optimize success. We are devoted to bringing the best business practices and ideas to allow organizations and their people to thrive in both economically prosperous and challenging times.

Our Approach:

QSMI's unique approach is based on research demonstrating how organizations with a clear purpose, defined principles/values, and vision survive and thrive even during economically challenging times. 

QMSI combines hands-on executive management expertise with practical models to help organizations create stable, resilient and sustainable organizational environments. By facilitating, coaching, and strategizing with boards, CEO’s, COO’s, presidents, and executive management teams QMSI assists in generating change that focuses on strategies and practices with the maximum impact on performance for today and beyond.


  • Integrity – Continually earn credibility, trust and loyalty by our actions. 
  • Success – Enhance the value of all relationships to achieve excellence and mutual prosperity.
  • Innovative – Optimize performance and growth by exploring new ideas that transcends conventional approaches – be exceptional!
  • Health – Balance learning, personal well-being, and organizational development to maximize desired outcomes.

To this end, we collaborate with our clients to identify quantitative and qualitative metrics to:

  • Create an open, honest, challenging and collaborative culture
  • Establish meaningful, inspiring, practical and useable values
  • Engage the leadership team
  • Design realistic and actionable strategic plans
  • Identify, select and develop a prepared and motivated work force
  • Challenge and guide individual growth