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Our consulting services often include various assessments for senior leaders and leadership teams. 

The PERSONAL GLOBAL PROFILES SYSTEM (GPS) is an integrated set of assessments that provide a comprehensive picture of the total person and was developed by Dr. Michael O'Connor, founder of Life Associates, Inc.

About the Analysis Reports

The PERSONAL GLOBAL PROFILES SYSTEM describes and provides practical, helpful strategies, tools, and action plans for increasing any person’s effectiveness. The system consists of the MOTIVATIONS SUITE and the CAPABILITIES SUITE. The Motivations Suite describes what a person will and won’t do. The Capabilities Suite describes what a person does and doesn’t do well. Below is a description of the analysis reports provided by each suite follows.



Describes what a person is naturally motivated to do/not do and how they go about conducting situations. This profile identifies what is comfortable for us and is highly related to personal satisfaction/stress, task and people practices/ habits, and compatibility/conflict with others.


This report is our personal compass about what we believe in or what we “should” do in a situation, the end results we seek in life, and the values that describe others we work and live with. It explains “why” we do what we do. This report’s analysis focuses on our values pattern, clarity level, intensity, compatibility and effectiveness in influencing others.


This third report focuses on our passions, and what most (and least) interests us. It provides insights about both our work and non-work interests and disinterests. It identifies our own “field of interests” and its implications for the types of jobs (as well as non-work activities) that are self-motivating and most rewarding for us.



This analysis describes our willingness as well as our ability to effectively deal with change, unfavorable, difficult, new and ambiguous situations. It also provides targeted coaching for building those specific aspects where we can benefit by becoming more flexible and/or versatile. Research has shown this dimension to be increasingly key for personal success in our ever-changing world.


This report focuses on both our job-specific knowledge, skills, and experience profile. It also focuses on those capabilities that are transferable from one situation to another involving 93 possible specific capabilities in 12 areas. This analysis identifies our level of strength for each, the level of difficulty for developing each, and length of time for doing so.